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What is the Neon Zero Flipper Knife by Shirogorov?

Shirogorov Neon Zero

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The Shirogorov Neon Zero flipper is a miniaturized version of the F95 model, which is Shirogorov’s most acknowledged model and has been referred to as the Sebenza of flippers.

The maker of the Shirogorov Neon Zero, Hirogorov Knives is the corporation that has made Russia visible on the global knife enthusiasts map. They are reputed for their faultless and swift action along with their neat patterns. Within a decade, they have succeeded in going from producing knives in their garage to winning the Best Tactical Folder award at BLADE Show. The company is very passionate about the quality of their products and this commitment is reflected in each item that is produced in their workshop in Yaroslavl.


Shirogorov Neon Zero Reviews

The Shirogorov Neon Zero has garnered high praise for its exceptional build quality, cutting performance, and innovative design. Aaron Shapiro from BladeReviews describes the knife as a masterpiece in the realm of high-end EDC knives, emphasizing its perfect blend of materials and design. The knife’s standout features include a 3.25” blade, overall length of 7.75”, and a weight of just 3oz, making it incredibly pocket-friendly. The M390 steel blade, coupled with a matte stonewash finish, offers excellent durability and cutting efficiency, while the titanium frame lock ensures a secure blade lockup. The Neon Zero’s action is highlighted for its smoothness, attributed to the Multi-Row Bearing System (MRBS), making blade deployment a pleasure​​.

Knife Informer echoes similar sentiments, particularly noting the Neon Zero’s light weight and substantial feel, despite its compact size. The knife’s action is described as unrivaled, thanks to the MRBS that provides a smooth and satisfying flip. The S90V steel blade is praised for its sharpness and cutting performance, capable of handling a variety of tasks with ease. The Neon Zero’s ergonomic design and pocket-friendly clip also receive positive mentions, contributing to its appeal as a top-tier EDC option. Despite its high price, the Neon Zero is considered a collector’s item and a testament to premium knife craftsmanship​

Chris Reeve’s Sebenza is a mass-produced folder against which other models are judged for its straightforward design and tight tolerances. The Shirogorov Neon Zero offers an incomparable flicking action that all other makers and designers attempt to attain. It has a sharp, quick, and smooth action that cannot be matched by any other company. Once unlocked, the blade falls back into the handle with ease for the next use.

The Shirogorov Neon Zero is an exquisite knife that could be an ideal addition to your collection, especially if you prefer smaller blades. Its features are so remarkable and unique that it can replace whatever knife you are currently using and stay in your pocket for good. Its action is quicker and smoother than any other knife in our store. The 3.375″ drop point blade is made from Bohler M390 stainless steel with a flat grind. The ultra-thin handle is stonewashed titanium with a milled titanium clip that is popular due to its attractive appearance and functionality. Another interesting feature of the Neon Zero is the replaceable lockbar insert and improved raised titanium backspacer. If you have been wanting to get your hands on a Shirogorov, the Neon Zero is your answer!

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