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What is the f95 Flipper from Shirogorov Knives?

Shirogorov f95

About the Shirogorov F95

The F95 Flipper, a product of Shirogorov, is renowned and has earned the nickname “Sebenza of flippers”. Chris Reeve’s Sebenza is the standard for production folders since it is simple, direct in its construction and has very close tolerances. The 95 Flipper has an amazing flipping sensation that all other makers and designers strive to achieve. It is quick, sleek, smooth and produces an unmatched snap in the industry.

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Shirogorov Knives makes the Shirogorov f95 and has made quite an impact on knife collecting on a global level. They are known for their well-crafted, swift action and plain designs. Over the course of a decade, the business has evolved from making blades in the garage to receiving the Best Tactical Folder award at the preeminent BLADE Show. The organization is highly dedicated to excellence, which is visible in each piece that is produced in the Yaroslavl workshop.

In 2019, the original Quantum model was revealed, and the Quantum Gen 2 was launched in 2021. Currently, Shirogorov Knives is offering a more wallet-friendly version of one of their most identifiable folders. This blade is designed to be a workhorse. The blade of the Shirogorov f95 flipper has been reduced to a thickness of 0.134 inches and no longer has a fuller, making it more functional and simpler to clean. The upward curve of the blade flows into a very ergonomic handle, which has black G10 inlays.

Sergey Shirogorov is seen as a highly-skilled knife maker in Russia. His mid-tech folding knives are unusual and among the finest creations available, and they are seldom available in the United States. We are delighted to present these incredible knives to you and are certain that these are the top-notch flippers in the world. The Shirogorov Brothers Workshop pays homage to the long-standing knife-making techniques of well-established manufacturers, while also keeping their finger on the pulse of the knife industry, presenting customers with authentic folding knives.


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Last Updated on January 6, 2023