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Microtech SOCOM Bravo For Sale

What is the SOCOM BRAVO from Microtech?

The Microtech SOCOM Bravo is a heavy-duty tactical knife designed by Microtech Knives and manufactured by Rikeknives. This collaboration knife is patterned after the classic SOCOM and is created with the goal of accessible luxury.

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About the Microtech SOCOM Bravo

The SOCOM BRAVO is a perfect heavy duty tactical knife. The Microtech SOCOM BRAVO has a 6AL-4V titanium/carbon fibre handle, and is available in both single and Tanto edge blades. The Microtech SOCOM BRAVO also features a lanyard hole, and a pocket clip makes for a handy functional carry. They are highly sought after by SOCOM knife collectors.

The Microtech SOCOM Bravo knife was made in partnership with RikeKnife, which is an original knife brand designed by Richard Wu. Together they created a knife using superior materials without a huge increases in price. It is different from the original SOCOM Elite manual knives with its tip-up pocket clip and frame lock mechanism. Microtech Knives, an American knife making company in Florida has designed tactical knives for the US military and has long been recognized for the tight tolerances in their production (0.001″) of tactical and EDC knives. The SOCOM Bravo is a knife patterned after the classic SOCOM knife.


Microtech SOCOM BRAVO Review

The Microtech SOCOM Bravo is a collaboration knife that is patterned after the classic SOCOM design, known for its premium materials and smooth deployment. It is an excellent heavy-duty tactical knife with classic Microtech design and components.

One user noted that the S/E version of the SOCOM Bravo has a lighter, cheaper, slightly thinner, and more acute blade grinds than the regular Bravo. Additionally, the S/E version has fewer hotspots, a better clip, and better action than any of the Elites they have ever had, especially when it comes to actuating the lock bar.

Another reviewer discusses the knife’s features, deployment, and performance, providing a hands-on demonstration of the knife’s capabilities.

Overall, the Microtech SOCOM Bravo seems to be a well-designed tactical knife with premium materials and smooth deployment. The S/E version seems to have some improvements over the regular Bravo, but more research and hands-on testing may be necessary before making a purchase decision.

SOCOM is The United States Special Operations Command which is the unified combatant command charged with overseeing the various special operations component commands of the Army, Marine Corps, Navy, and Air Force of the United States Armed Forces. The SOCOM BRAVO has never been more valuable than it is right now. Microtech Folding Knives are high-performance tactical blades made of the finest materials available.

Why buy the Microtech SOCOM Bravo Folding Knife?

The decision to buy a Microtech SOCOM Bravo folding knife, like any other knife, depends on your specific needs and preferences.

Here are some reasons why someone might consider purchasing this particular knife:

  1. High-Quality Materials: Microtech is known for using premium materials in their knives. The SOCOM Bravo often features high-end blade steel, such as S35VN or M390, which offers excellent edge retention and corrosion resistance.
  2. Durability: Microtech knives are generally well-constructed and built to last. The SOCOM Bravo is designed to withstand tough conditions and heavy use.
  3. Precision Engineering: Microtech knives are renowned for their precise machining and attention to detail. This results in a smooth, reliable, and satisfying deployment mechanism.
  4. Versatility: Folding knives like the SOCOM Bravo are versatile tools suitable for a wide range of tasks, from everyday cutting needs to more demanding outdoor and tactical applications.
  5. Portability: The folding design makes it easy to carry the SOCOM Bravo in your pocket, making it a convenient EDC (Everyday Carry) option.
  6. Design and Aesthetics: Microtech knives often have unique and visually appealing designs. The SOCOM Bravo is no exception, with its distinctive shape and style.
  7. Brand Reputation: Microtech is a well-respected brand in the knife industry, known for producing high-quality, reliable knives.
  8. Collectibility: Some knife enthusiasts and collectors may be drawn to Microtech knives due to their limited production runs and the potential for increased value over time.

However, it’s essential to keep in mind that the SOCOM Bravo and other Microtech knives can be relatively expensive compared to other folding knives on the market. Before making a purchase, consider your intended use, budget, and personal preferences to determine if this knife is the right fit for you. Additionally, be aware of any local laws and regulations regarding the carry and use of folding knives in your area.

Microtech SOCOM BRAVO In Stock

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