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What is a Sebenza 31 knife?

The Sebenza 31 from Rick Reeve has been around for more than 30 years. It is often referred to as the benchmark for EDC knives. Being a classic, the Sebenza 31’s simple lines, perfect fit and finish makes it very popular and certainly considered a collectors knife. The later Sebenza 31 knives features a high precision, ultra hard bearing – which allows for a longer use without altering or replacing the lock-up. Additionally, the Sebenza’s clip sits diagonally across the handle and lock bar. Rick Reeve designed the small Sebenza 31 as a compact with an outstanding blade. This has always been a favourite knife of many knife enthusiasts.

The Sebenza 31 is made for work. In fact, the word sebenza means just that in Zulu. The knife has a world-wide reputation for solid performance and a very strong feel. This is due to the handcrafted care at the production level. The Sebenza 31’s blade is easy to maintain and will retain a sharp edge for a long time.

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Chris Reeve Rebenza 31 specifications:

– Drop Point CPM S45VN at 60-62 RC
– Insingo CPM Magnacut at 63-64 RC
– Tanto CPM Magnacut at 63-64 RC
•   Length: 3.61″ (91.69mm) / 2.99″ (76.17mm)
•   Thickness: 0.12″ (3.07mm) / 0.12″ (3.04mm)

•   Material: Titanium 6Al4V
•   Thickness: 0.15″ (3.81mm) / 0.13″ (3.30mm)
•   Length: 4.79″ (121.67mm) / 3.98″ (101.09mm)

•   Length: 8.40″ (213.36mm) / 6.98″ (177.29mm)
•   Weight: 4.7oz (133g) / 3.0oz (85g)




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Last Updated on February 3, 2023