The Best Rated Knives in Canada!

If you are looking for great knives, especially the Saga/Boker products you have come to the right place. We only list knives with top reviews on Featured: Most Wished For Knives in Canada

Are good chef’s knives worth it?

I have two chef knives and wouldn’t be without them. The most important thing is keeping them adequately sharp – no matter how much you spent on a quality chef’s knife. It is important that you learn how to sharpen and maintain your knife blades. Prices for quality kitchen knives start at maybe $30, and there seems to be no end to be seen. Note that price doesn’t necessarily translate to a “better” knife. Somewhere in the middle is probably a safe bet. Then there is the look and feel. Some, like me like the wooden handles the Japanese knives are famous for. Others prefer the more traditional black handles.

Our top recommended chef’s knives:

Proteak Teak Cutting BoardChef’s Cutting boards

A great chef’s knife is nice, but the tool we reach for most often is a chef’s cutting board. It provides a flat sturdy surface to prepare on while protecting counters and plates from getting scratched. A good cutting board also serves as a great landing pad when handling hot pots and pans. Cutting boards range in size from large enough to carve a turkey to small enough to cut a lime for garnish. They come in materials like wood, plastic, or glass, and can be a heavy-duty three inches thick to barely a millimeter. See our recommended chef’s cutting boards.


Sharp Pebble Complete Sharpening Stone SetChef’s knife sharpening tools

Quality knives that are dull are not only useless but dangerous. The blade can slip and you find yourself with one or more fingers sliced open. Besides, there is nothing like a properly honed knife to cut your food. A properly sharpened knife should cut a ripe tomato without squeezing it. Knife sharpeners come in different models. Some are the irons we are used to. Irons come in either steel or ceramic. I use them both. Steel for rough sharpening and ceramic to finish off the edge. Other sharpeners are rectangular blocks of ceramic (see image) and some are motor driven.  See our recommended chef’s knife sharpening tools.

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