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About the Fieldcraft Survival Knife From MKC

The MKC Fieldcraft Survival Knife is a collaboration between Montana Knife Company and Fieldcraft Survival, designed by Master Bladesmith Josh Smith alongside survival experts Mike Glover and Kevin Estela.


This knife has been crafted with over a year of research and development, aiming to create the ultimate EDC (Every Day Carry) blade that is easily concealable for self-defense or versatile for bushcrafting applications​​.

Featuring a nearly 4-inch fixed blade made from CPM 154 stainless steel and a bulletproof G-10 handle, the knife is designed for durability and reliability in various environments. It is available in black, olive, or black and tan, catering to personal preferences and ensuring a fit for different outdoor settings​​.

The design of the Fieldcraft Survival Knife is inspired by spearpoint blades commonly used in the bushcraft world, providing a versatile tool that’s not too large to be cumbersome, nor too small to lack utility. It is described as a knife that can be taken everywhere, from formal settings to leisurely activities like floating down a river​​.

Kevin Estela, involved in the design process, emphasized the intention to create a knife that excels in its primary function rather than trying to be a multi-tool. The design is compact enough for daily carry but robust enough for more demanding tasks, inspired by traditional spearpoint and bird and trout knives, reflecting the versatility required for both field and self-defense uses​​.

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MKC Fieldcraft Survival Knives Reviews

Reviews and discussions about the MKC Fieldcraft Survival Knife highlight its strong reputation within the outdoor and survivalist communities. The knife, designed by Master Bladesmith Josh Smith in collaboration with Fieldcraft Survival experts, is praised for its versatility and quality. It’s considered an essential everyday carry (EDC) knife that excels in a variety of applications, from self-defense to bushcrafting.

One discussion on the Bushcraft USA forums, though not providing detailed reviews, shows the community’s interest in the collaboration between Montana Knife Company and Fieldcraft Survival, suggesting a positive reception within bushcraft and outdoor circles​​.

In a thread on the Rokslide Forum, users shared their general appreciation for MKC knives, highlighting their legitimacy and quality. One user expressed a desire for Damascus MKC knives, indicating a high regard for the brand’s craftsmanship. Another user recounted a positive customer service experience, noting the quick personal response from MKC and satisfaction with their purchase. This thread, while not specifically about the Fieldcraft Survival Knife, underscores the brand’s strong reputation and customer satisfaction​​.

For those looking for firsthand accounts and detailed reviews, these forums can be a starting point to engage with the community and gather more specific feedback on the Fieldcraft Survival Knife. Given MKC’s reputation and the collaborative effort with Fieldcraft Survival, the knife is likely to live up to the high expectations set by both brands’ followers.


Given the popularity of MKC knives and the loyal following of both Montana Knife Company and Fieldcraft Survival, these knives are known to sell out quickly after their release. Interested buyers are encouraged to act fast when new drops are announced to secure one of these sought-after blades​​.

Last Updated on February 18, 2024