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Marfione Knives for Sale

Microtech Marfione Custom Protocol

Marfione Custom Protocol Flipper

One of the most popular, and hard to find Marfione Flippers is the Marfione Custom Protocol. If there are any available – you can find them HERE.

The famous custom knives from the Marfione knife maker are designed by Anthony Marfione, and built in his North Carolina custom workshop. The Marfione knives are special custom knives. They are distributed through a very small, but dedicated network of select dealers who are seasoned professionals committed to the Marfione brand. Anthony (Tony) Marfione founded Microtech Knives in 1994. The Marfione custom knives are highly sought after by collectors, and often appreciate in value due to their very unique, custom features and very limited quantities. When they come on the market people tend to snap them up.

Microtech SOCOM Bravo Knives Signed by Anthony Marfione

Microtech SOCOM Bravo Signed by Anthony MarfioneThe Microtech SOCO Bravo knives are also very popular, more so if they are signed by Anthony Marfione himself. Last time we checked there were only two available to by. You can check HERE.

Marfione knives for sale on eBay:

Microtech Marfione custom knives are made by Anthony Marfione who is the founder of Microtech knives. All Microtech knives with a claw logo are semi-custom, and the knives with a dagger logo are fully custom.







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