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What is the Thrill Slip Joint Knife from Lionsteel Knives?

LionSteel Knives is widely respected for its high standard of quality and ingenuity, but the Lionsteel Thrill takes it to the next level. It has an integrated handle and spring, as well as a pocket clip that can be embedded into the handle when not in use.

Lionsteel Thrill Knife

The LionSteel Thrill is a contemporary slipjoint knife that is manufactured from a single piece that has been machined. The smoothness of its action is impressive, regardless of whether the frame is made from titanium or aluminum. An additional convenient feature is the hidden HWAL clip, which remains inconspicuous until it’s needed. The LionSteel Thrill can be very useful in a variety of scenarios.

The Lion Steel Thrill is an impressive pocket knife that features a single titanium handle and spring, IKBS pivot bearings, a M390 blade, and a ‘hideaway’ pocket clip. This top-notch piece of equipment has a stainless steel, non-locking blade and a smooth IKBS opening system, plus its cutting edge is less than 7.6cm. Additionally, the handle is available in orange, green, or black and there is a spring-loaded pocket clip that can be activated by pressing a button on the handle.

Lionsteel Thrill Review

The LionSteel Thrill has received positive reviews for its innovative design and high-quality construction. One of the standout features of the Thrill is its H.WAYL (Hide What Annoys You) pocket clip system, which allows the clip to sit flush with the handle, making it less intrusive when using the knife. This feature, along with the knife’s overall design, contributes to a comfortable and enjoyable user experience​​.

The blade of the Thrill is made from Bohler M390 steel, known for its excellent wear resistance and edge retention, making it a popular choice for premium knives. The knife’s handle is crafted from a single block of solid aluminum, enhancing its strength and simplicity. LionSteel’s expertise in milling is evident in the Thrill’s integral slipjoint mechanism, which is milled out of the handle, eliminating the need for a separate spring and making the knife easy to clean. The steel insert within the mechanism is a thoughtful addition that prevents wear over time, a feature more commonly seen in titanium frame lock mechanisms​​.

Despite its many positive attributes, the Thrill’s pocket clip has been noted as potentially weak, and the lack of a lanyard hole may be a downside for some users. However, the knife’s action, versatility, and the ability to pinch grip the blade for opening are highlighted as strong points. The M390 blade steel, superb fit and finish, and the single-piece solid handle construction are also praised, alongside the innovative hideaway pocket clip​​.


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Last Updated on February 8, 2024