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Miyabi Knives for Sale

Miyabi Knives

Miyabi Knife Sets for SaleMiyabi knives are very well known for their excellent corrosion resistance and cutting edge retention. Miyabi knives will last you a very long time. The skilled artisans who build the Miyabi knives specialize in Japanese knife making. Miyabi knives have a high RHS rating. This means they are a firm knife and have a razor sharp edge.

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Miyabi knives are a big deal in the culinary world because they use handcrafting methods to forge their Japanese chef’s knives. The traditional Japanese D-shaped handles are made of Masur Birchwood – famous for its warm tone.

The Miyabi lines of chef’s knives incorporate traditional Japanese swordmaking techniques with modern technology and the latest in quality materials to create visually amazing and high quality, performance knives. All Miyabi knives are hand crafted in Seki City, Japan.

Where are the Miyabi Chef’s knives made?
All Miyabi knives are made in the Japanese city of Seki which has served as the sword-making center of Japan for centuries. They know their stuff. Most, if not all Japanese knives feature blades made of very thin – hard steel with ultra sharp edges and long lasting sharpness.

These knives are designed for exceptionally precise cutting and superior durability and performance. MIYABI’s standard knifemaking methods incorporates all time honoured techniques in addition to premium steel and very innovative blade hardening methods.

Every blade touches the hands of skilled knifemaking artisans thus ensuring a beauty and quality like no other knife. The true cutting edge is the three step honing process that gives the Miyabi blades their exceptional sharpness. Each step is done by hand.

The Miyabi blades are coarsely ground with a whetstone rotating vertically. Then fine honed with a horizontal rotating whetstone followed by a polishing using a leather belt.

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