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Helle Knives for Sale

Helle Knife VikingHelle Knife Viking

The popular Helle Viking’s handle is uniquely barrel shaped and tapered to give the Viking knife a distinct grip even if the handle is not contoured. The Helle Viking knife offers has become a modern classic with it’s simplistic beauty. Considering the design is more than a 1000 years old. The Viking knife works well with all hand sizes  – keep in mind the Viking knife has no finger guard and should only be used by more experience knife users. Check out Helle Knife Vikings for sale.

There is a small factory in Holmedal, Norway here Helle Knives are made. Helle treats each step of production for their outdoor knives and sheaths from quality raw material to the finished product. Helle Knives produce very high end knives – for a surprisingly reasonable cost. Each Helle knife blade is finished individually, and by real Norwegian hands. All Helle knives have a strong Scandinavian grind and are unbelievable sharp. Most of the knives Helle Knives make are stainless steel – however, some have quality carbon steel blades as well. Started in 1932, Helle knives are made and sold based on the same set of principles of Norwegian honesty, hard work and quality. Classic outdoor design and timeless function go together in a modern version of the traditional Viking outdoors knife. They are sometimes hard to come by.

Helle knives for sale:


Helle Knives make Scandinavian knives for the outdoors. Ever since 1932, Helle Knives goal has been to make beautiful and functional tools that you can wear with pride and that will serve you right when needed.


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