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What is the Zero Tolerance ZT 0562cf Pocket Knife?

ZT 0562cf Pocket Knife by Zero ToleranceAll in all, the Zero Tolerance ZT 0562cf pocket knife could easily be one of the most pleasant, practical, and skilfully crafted knives in Zero Tolerance’s current range. The plan is relatively uncomplicated, but that’s the Hinderer trademark, and that is why his creations are so great–nothing unnecessary. Bearing in mind that the 0562cs can be purchased for around half the cost of the least expensive XM, this could certainly be the finest Hinderer knife as well.

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The ZT 0562cf pocket knife is quite big yet still manageable, and it’s very lightweight due to its all titanium frame; the handle is suitable for my slightly bigger than average hands, and the choils make for a secure, steady, and comfortable grip, which I’ve never experienced before with a knife. As for the blade, it has a Hinderer slicer grind, which isn’t as flashy as, for instance, a 0393 spanto grind, but it is more practical. All of this adds up to a knife that was constructed to do the job, and to do so in comfort. Of course, the craftsmanship is spot-on.

This Zero Tolerance ZT 0562cf knife is similar to the 0562, having a “slicer” grind blade formed from CPM-20CV powdered steel. This steel carries a high concentration of vanadium carbides, making it have amazing edge retention and corrosion resistance. The handle is composed of a carbon fiber front scale and a stonewashed titanium back. ZT’s frame lock with hardened steel lockbar inserts and lockbar stabilization secures the knife during usage. Opening is done via a flipper and is smooth due to the KVT ball-bearing opening system. This system has a washer with caged ball bearings surrounding the pivot, making it nearly effortless to deploy the blade. The pocket clip is reversible and allows for deep carry.


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Last Updated on December 31, 2022