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What is the Titanium MT8 Pocket Knife from Wanersen?

The WANERSEN Titanium MT8 is a Quick release Mechanic Pocket Handmade Fishing Knife.

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WANERSEN Titanium MT8 Quick release Mechanic Pocket Handmade Fishing Knife Tactical Gear EDC Cool Knives, Military Style Mens Gift (Style 8)
  • 【Material】 Handle for military-grade TC21, with good strength, toughness, and corrosion resistance. stone, wash polishing and Diamond-like Carbon three surface treatment for your choice, the blade uses M390 Divine Steel, with excellent wear resistance and retention
  • 【MT8 Construction】After 7 revisions, is finally presented to you with a compact structure, a sliding slide forming a lock and a tail Nib closed for breaking glass in an emergency situation. EDC plays with the distinctive, awe-inspiring appearance and structural design that sets it apart from similar products on the market. It's the perfect gift idea
  • 【Product Design】This product, we named: Alien, A futuristic sci-fi style in a simple design. full of mechanical and futuristic, whether it is posing, display, or play, it is a very unique existence in this category
  • 【Applicable Scenarios】Perfect tactical knife for everything - Camping EDC Hiking Backpack Bushcrafting, Hunting & Fishing, Military & Army needs Outdoor & DIY Activities, Survival, Self Defense, Emergencies
  • 【Customer Service】We have a professional customer service team to serve you at any time. If you have any complaints about the products, please feel free to contact us

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This product is a folding pocket knife made of titanium, featuring a quick release mechanism. It is designed for various applications such as fishing, tactical use, and everyday carry. The handle of the knife is made of military-grade TC21 titanium, known for its strength and toughness. The blade material is stainless steel with a clip point shape.

The WANERSEN Titanium MT8 Quick Release Mechanic Pocket Knife features a double patented system, including a blade quick release system and a structural quick release system. This pocket knife offers a mechanical and futuristic atmosphere and is designed for disassembly and assembly without the need for external tools. It provides a unique and innovative experience for users who enjoy exploring and interacting with their tools. The knife is made of titanium, known for its strength and durability.

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