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What is the Neuron Knife from Vero Engineering?

The Vero Engineering Neuron features titanium skeletonized liners and full titanium hardware, and is the first non-locking, double detent folding knife designed by Joseph Vero.


About the Vero Engineering Neuron

The Vero Engineering Neuron knife features a strong M390 sheepsfoot blade, showcasing the renowned aesthetics of the brand. It is a compact knife, with a blade of 2.75″ and a total length of 6.3″, making it just right for everyday carry. The solid brass scales provide weight to the structure as well as a unique patina that will evolve with time. Vero connected the Neuron with a lightweight yet durable titanium frame, skeletonized titanium nested liners, and titanium hardware for a well-rounded design.

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Four types of blade finishes are available for the Vero Engineering Neuron: a stonewashed finish, a hand-rubbed satin finish, a blackwash finish, or a belt satin finish. This chic knife is available at an amazing price of $260, making it a great addition to any EDC rotation.

Vero Engineering Neuron Review

One review describes the Neuron as a balance between form and function, with a tough M390 sheepsfoot blade that measures 2.75″ and a full length of 6.3″, making it an ideal knife for EDC rotation.

Several customer reviews praise the knife’s build quality, design, and materials.

Another review provides specifications for the Neuron, including a weight of around 2oz, an overall length of 6.3″, a blade length of 2.75″, a cutting edge of 2.75″, and a blade thickness of .128″. The review also mentions that the knife comes with a Neuron Velcro Patch, Vero Cloth, Vero Stickers, and Candies, as well as a box with EVA foam insert.

Overall, the reviews for the Vero Engineering Neuron knife are positive, with customers praising the knife’s build quality, materials, and design. The knife’s compact size and M390 sheepsfoot blade make it a great option for everyday carry.


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Who is Vero Engineering?

Vero Engineering is a knife making company founded by Joseph Vero. Joseph is a passionate mechanical engineer who’s personal interest in knives inspired him to make his first knife – the Vero Impulse. Vero knives are known for their distinct Vero vibe. The lines are aggressive with Tanto shaped blades. Vero Engineering is truly an innovator in all respects. Vero makes high quality knives and EDC tools. Every item is personally engineered by Joseph Vero. The design is functional and features high tolerances and premium material. Vero Engineering knives are a perfect addition to any knife collector. Vero Engineering knives are often sold out very quickly after a drop. A popular Vero knife is the Vero Neuron. Other popular models are: Vero Axon, Vero Fulcrum and Vero Isotope.

The Vero Engineering Neuron knife is a folding knife designed by Joseph Vero. The knife comes in four handle options: Red G10, Black Micarta (+$10), Natural Micarta (+$10), and a left-handed version is also available called the Vero Axon Lefty. The Neuron comes in four blade finishes: a stonewashed finish, a hand-rubbed satin finish, a blackwash finish, or a belt satin finish.

Overall, the Vero Engineering Neuron knife is a well-designed, high-quality knife that is versatile enough to fit in any EDC rotation. The combination of titanium hardware, skeletonized liners, and different handle options gives users a range of customization options. The four blade finishes also allow users to choose the look that best fits their style.

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Last Updated on March 21, 2023