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What is the TS205 Folding Knife from TwoSun?

The TwoSun TS205 is a high-end folding knife that offers a combination of durable materials, sleek design, and versatile blade options.



About the TwoSun TS205 Folder

The TwoSun TS205 is a folding knife with a gray titanium alloy handle and a choice of either a drop point plain edge blade or a tanto plain edge blade, both made from M390 steel. The overall length of the knife is 7.48 inches. It’s worth noting that the TS205 model has two variations: one with a drop point blade and one with a tanto blade. However, it’s important to note that availability may vary depending on location and stock levels.


TwoSun TS205 Folder Reviews

One review notes that the knife arrived sharp and has polished stainless steel liners, with both knives being Night Morning Designs. The reviewer also mentions that the knives were shipped in basic packaging with a lot of oil.

Another review for the TS205-Drop version of the knife mentions that it has a solid titanium handle and M390 steel for the blade. The reviewer describes the knife as “lightweight and well-balanced,” with a “flawless” finish. They also note that the knife arrived sharp and recommend it for everyday carry.

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Another review for the TS205-Tanto version of the knife gives the product a five-star rating and mentions that the reviewer purchased both the drop point and tanto versions of the knife because they enjoyed the first one so much. They also describe the knife as having a “perfect” fit and finish and being comfortable to hold.

Overall, the reviews for the TwoSun TS205 knife are positive, with reviewers noting the knife’s sharpness, durable materials, and sleek design. The knife appears to be well-received for everyday carry purposes.



Last Updated on March 24, 2023