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What is the Serpent Tactical Blade from Toor Knives?

If you’re in search of a tactical knife and have limited space on your equipment, the Toor Serpent is the ideal choice for you.



About the Toor Knives Serpent

The Toor Knives Serpent‘s leek FlexTech sheath occupies minimal space. The Serpent features a 1.125″ ring for effortless drawing, regardless of whether you’re wearing gloves or not. Its Tanto grind provides two razor-sharp straight edges, and at a 0.1875″ thickness, it is sufficiently robust for prying tasks while still being able to glide through flesh.

The distinct Diamondback textured handle of the Toor Serpent ensures a secure grip even when wet, while maintaining smooth contours for optimal comfort when concealed against the body. Crafted from CPM3V steel with a Black Oxide finish and a textured G10 or Ebony handle, this blade can withstand harsh conditions with minimal corrosion.

Each Toor Serpent is proudly made in the USA and comes with a FlexTech KYDEX sheath for easy retention adjustability and multiple friction offsets to prevent blade rattling.


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Last Updated on March 28, 2023