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What is a Stroup Knives TU2?

The TU2 knife from Stroup Knives is a fixed-blade for tactical use. Stroup Knives is run by veterans. Their mission is to make high quality combat and survival knives that can handle every situation. Chris Stroup has been creating the Stroup TU2 to cover everyday carry to more tactical use. Particularly, the TU2 has a small, overall profile and the blade is a full tang 1095 carbon steel. The finish is a hand textured, dark acid washed finish.

The TU2s handle is ultra secure and features a grooved texture. Users of the Stroup Knives TU2 tactical are impressed with the no nonsense strategy of making solid and durable tactical fixed blade knives. The TU2 also has a lanyard hole and comes with a Black Kydex belt sheet. And it is made in the USA. This knife is rare on the after market and is well worth the cost when one comes for sale.

Stroup Knives TU2 Tactical Knife for sale





Last Updated on September 20, 2022