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What is the SnG PD1 Knife From Strider Knives?

Strider SnG PD1The Strider SnG PD1 knife from Strider Knives has a spear point blade crafted from the high-quality Carpenter Micro Melt PD1 steel, which is coated in black. There is an oval thumb hole opener on the top of the knife, as well as thumb ramp notching at the junction of the blade spine and frame that provide extra grip.

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The handle of the SnG PD1 comprises two components: a heat striped finished solid titanium frame lock design on the bottom and textured black G-10 on the top. The lockbar stabilizer has jimping and the titanium pocket clip (tip-up) is removable. The oversized pivot increases the strength of the knife, and there is also a lanyard hole.

The Strider SnG PD1 is opened with an oval hole. The thumb studs, which look like they could be used to open the knife, are designed so they are not functional in this capacity. This is a feature of the knife, running on phosphor-bronze washers, which ensure that the blade slides out of the handle smoothly and definitively.

Not all versions of the Strider SnGs have the thicker blade stock that is used on this particular variant, but all versions have a heavy enough blade that when opened, there is a strong and clear sound.

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Last Updated on January 4, 2023