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What is the .75 AR Knife from Strider Knives?

Strider .75 ARThe Mick Strider .75 AR is an all-titanium framelock knife that has Strider’s signature style. It has a 3.25-inch drop-point blade that is made from CPM S35VN steel. The design is ergonomic and can easily be opened thanks to the large oval opening in the blade.

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The Strider AR .75 is a three-quarter-sized version of his AR model that is designed with a military-style design. It has a strong, razor-sharp blade with a Nightmare Grind finish and an attractive aesthetic. It has a two-tone finish, an organic texture, with a 20CV blade and a full titanium frame lock construction with an orange peel texture and an anodized finish. This custom piece has great visuals with a tried-and-tested construction that makes it a Strider.

The Strider AR .75’s blade is CPM 20CV and is given a two-tone finish with a machine satin finish on the “Nightmare” hollow grinds and a “Manhattan Project” texture on the flats and spine. It features a shallow hollow grind and a false edge top that provides unstoppable piercing capability. The deep hollow primary grind results in a super sharp edge for the best slicing performance. The spine of the blade has jimping that stretches all the way to the frame, providing extra grip. The blade opens smoothly on phosphor bronze washers with an oval blade hole. The Strider choil is signed by M. Strider and is marked with the blade’s steel.

The entire handle of the Strider .75 AR is constructed from titanium, with an integral frame lock which guarantees a strong locking mechanism. There are special jimping patterns and a deep finger cutout for better grip, as well as a large oval hole for attaching a lanyard. This personalized version has an orange peel texture and a multi-color anodized finish. The knife is finished with titanium components that have been given a satin finish, including the barrel spacers, chain ring bolt pivot, and an oversize stop pin.

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Last Updated on January 4, 2023