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What is the Burch Chubby Folder from Spyderco?

Spyderco Burch Chubby KnifeIt is difficult to find Burchtree knives such as the Spyderco Burch Chubby, but the Michael Burch-designed Burch Chubby folder provides his unique craftsmanship to the general public. It appears to be a well-made frame lock folder with a titanium handle, carbon fiber inlays, and a black G-10 back spacer. The hollow ground blade is made of S30V steel and it has a swedge spine. This small folder has a wide 1.5″ blade, which allows it to cut efficiently. The Burch Chubby also has a larger pocket clip that serves as a lock bar stop.

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This Burch Chubby is a fantastic folding knife has a wide blade crafted from 0.175-inch (4.5mm) CPM S30V stainless steel and is highlighted by Spyderco’s recognizable Round Hole™, allowing both right and left-handed users to open the blade with ease. It is fitted with two strong titanium scales on the handle which are connected at the base by a G-10 back spacer. The Reeve Integral Lock (R.I.L.) is activated when the blade is opened, securely locking it in place. The pocket clip is customized to hold the knife in a right-side, tip-up orientation when carried.

Drawing upon the success of Michael Burch’s most popular custom models, the Burch Chubby offers incredible cutting power in a compact design. Its 2.3-inch CPM S30V blade measures 4.55 millimeters thick and is 1.5 inches wide at its widest point, while its high hollow grind and sweeping edge profile create optimal edge geometry. The matching hollow-ground swedge helps to reduce weight and create an acute point. A titanium handle houses a Reeve Integral Lock mechanism and is embellished with three carbon fiber inlays. The pocket clip allows for right-side, tip-up carry, and also acts as a guard against the lock overtraveling.

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The hollow ground blade is S30V steel with a swedge spine. The Burch Chubby has a larger pocket clip that doubles as a lock bar stop. Knife is used, but not heavily. The box is not included, just the knife itself.
Spyderco Burch Chubby /Titanium /S30V Blade /C183TIP. What is included: Knife only, does not include the box or papers. C ollector ’ s find.


Last Updated on December 29, 2022