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What is the MOROS knife from Spartan Knives?

Spartan Blades MorosThe Spartan Knives Moros is an ideal option for a wide range of activities, from self-defence to being used on the battlefield. This finely-tuned, lightweight knife is the perfect combination of size and strength. It’s light enough to be carried without effort but strong enough to take care of various tasks.

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The spear-point blade of the Moros is flat-ground with a tapered top edge, granting it a good cutting edge and balance as well as providing great tip strength and puncture. The Spartan Blades Moros’s full tang and handle ensure a neutral balance, making it feel light in the hand. The ergonomic and textured canvas Micarta handle guarantees a secure hold even when wet or dry.

The Spartan Blades Moros is engineered as a multi-purpose knife, suitable for field work, self-protection, or combat. It is lightweight, making it handy to maneuver and tote around. Despite being of a medium size, it has enough brawn for use in field tasks. The spear point blade has a flat grind and a thinned upper edge, and is fashioned from one piece of metal (full tang). The 3D shaped Micarta handle offers a comfortable and secure grasp. The Spartan Blades Moros is supplied with either a Kydex or Cordura sheath created by First Spear.

Spartan Blades has earned a reputation in the knife-making business for being a reliable and tough brand, thanks to its founder, a retired US Army Special Forces member. All of their products are created with the idea of being mission-ready for both military personnel and civilians. The Moros is the newest addition to their range of top-notch cutlery.

A full tang handle on the Spartan Blades Moros is covered with contoured canvas Micarta scales. Its shape is made up of all curves, lacking straight lines or abrupt angles. There is a deeply bevelled finger groove underneath the guard, and some jimping located above it. In addition to the three screw openings, a lanyard hole is cut through both scales. Spartan has said that when the Moros is released, it will come with both MOLLE plastic and Kydex sheath choices.


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Last Updated on December 31, 2022