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What are the Tigershark Knives from SOG?

SOG’s largest model to date is the SOG Tigershark. This knife has been through many changes since it first started as the SK-5 steel satin-finished Tigershark in 1997. Afterwards, it was coated in powder, given a plain edge, and then serrations in 1999. The SOG Tigershark is the bigger brother of the “Seal 2000” knife used by the US Navy SEALs. It is known for chopping, but some have noted that the AUS-6 steel used is rust-resistant, but not as good in terms of edge-holding and slicing capacity as SK-5 steel.

SOG Tigershark SK-5

sog tigershark sk-5

SOG’s 5th model, the Tigershark SK-5, is considered one of their most iconic designs. This mini-sword-like knife is composed of 9 inches of shiny, sharpened carbon steel. It is very rare to come across a SOG Tigershark SK-5 for sale on the web. The model is the foundation of the current Tigershark Elite.

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Many have said that the Tigershark SK-5 knife is great for camping, especially for chopping wood, due to its hefty blade and great weight balance. The knife was used so often and so well by its purchasers, that it is now difficult to find a Mint In Box version.

The SOG Tigershark SK-5 is an iconic knife which is featured in the new “SOG split bullet logo” with a picture of it slicing a .45 pistol round at the bottom of the page. This knife has become a popular choice among SOG collectors and is often sold at a high price. SOG is still producing modern versions of the Tigershark, which is the largest model (by blade length) in the range.

All SOG Tigershark Knives For Sale

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Sog Tigershark Elite

sog tigershark elite te02

The TE-02 model of the SOG Tigershark Elite 2.0 has a 9-inch AUS 8 stainless steel blade coated with TiNi and a partially serrated edge. Its handle is made of checkered Zytel and is equipped with a removable hand guard for extra protection when cutting through thick brush. If you need a single, powerful knife with smooth movement, then the SOG Tigershark Elite 2.0 is the ideal choice. It also comes with a nylon sheath.

Taking the place of the much-loved S5 Tigershark that was produced in Seki Japan, the SOG Tigershark Elite is now the biggest knife in SOG’s range. It is a modified version of the Seal Pup Elite, featuring the same design but with spine rasps and TiNi coating. The key difference between the two models is the addition of a removable ‘D guard’ and a skull crusher on the butt of the handle. This has caused some to believe that the knife is intended for use as a combat or “trench knife”, although it performs well in the field, as the pictures demonstrate. Alternatively, you can check out its twin, the powder-coated SOG Tigershark Elite.

The Tigershark Elite 2.0 SOG Knives trigger an immediate reaction when viewed. Its distinct features – the handguard and rear point – are removable and can be taken off for a sleeker appearance. It is the biggest knife in the SEAL series and stands out with its intricate grind lines, textured back, touch point checkering, and optimal ergonomics. The Tigershark has the power to chop and slice with a force and speed that are unparalleled. Nonetheless, the balanced build and the sleek design give a smooth, charming feel that is an unexpected delight. Note: The handguard and rear point are included, but can be removed if desired. The blade length is 9″ and the edge is partially serrated. It is crafted from AUS-8 stainless steel and has a hardness of RC 57-58. The total length of the knife is 14 3/4″ and the handle is made of black Zytel. To finish it off, it comes with a heavy black nylon belt sheath and a black powder finish.








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