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What is the SOG Terminus XR LTE Knife?

SOG Terminus XR LTECompared to a regular Terminus XR, the SOG Terminus Light Edition is 30% lighter and has been improved with a new handle and clip construction, as well as carbon fiber liners to minimize heft. It has a sturdily built XR Lock system and a S35VN steel blade which has been coated with TiNi and cryo-treated. If you need a functional EDC that won’t add much bulk to your carry, then Terminus LTE is a great choice. It looks elegant, is made with some of the finest materials available, and is one of SOG’s premier pocket knives for everyday use.

SOG Terminus XR Lite in Stock

The SOG Terminus XR LTE is one of the top knives available right now and it’s priced under $150. This product is not merely good; it is captivating. If you have any interest in knives, the XR LTE should be on your list. It maintains all the positive features of the original and replaces any mediocre features with excellent ones. In addition, it utilizes a unique innovation of structural carbon fiber elements that puts it a step ahead of the competition. This review is written with great enthusiasm as I believe this is an impressive knife that I really enjoy.

To provide some context, SOG Knives was a concept of Spencer Frazer, who acted as the firm’s president and the designer for its knives for a long period. After Frazer stepped down, SOG was preoccupied with the idea of making their products available in major retailers.

The original design of the knife was already impressive, however, the steel upgrade and decrease in weight due to substituting steel liners with carbon fiber liners have made the LTE one of the top five knives for the masses. (Who would have thought that carbon fiber would ultimately be utilized in the knife industry for its intended purpose?)

The flipping action of this sliding bar lock knife is as good as it gets, the clip is strong and practical, and the grind is sharp and precise like a clock.

SOG Terminus XR LTE in Stock

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Last Updated on December 28, 2022