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What is a Sniper Bladeworks Knife?

Knife designer Lance Abernathy founded Sniper Bladeworks in 2009. He invented the now famous “pistol grip” add that to a cutting edge and creative design – you have a winning custom knife. Sniper Bladeworks knives bear signs of years of  law enforcement and military experience – which results in many special forces personnel carry Sniper Bladeworks knives as their personal, off duty EDC. He coined the term LPC (Lance Personal Carry) as a description for this type of pistol grip knife.

A Sniper Bladeworks Knife has attitude, and is designed and build to take the sort of use law enforcement, safety pros and other high activity folks demand. For sure excellent EDC for us civilians. It takes a beating, but lasts a long time even after years of cutting, slicing and pocket carrying. These knives are hard to find. But well worth considering for any knife enthusiast or collector.

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Last Updated on September 20, 2022