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What is a Sirupate Khukuri Blade?

Sirupate Khukuri

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The Sirupate Khukuri is widely acclaimed for its durability and muscle. In comparison to the bigger Budhuna blade, it is usually much slimmer and has a flatter back which boosts its agility and reduces the cutting resistance. This helps the knife cut through thin and flexible wood with greater ease than its bigger counterpart. Additionally, the Sirupate Khukuri is typically longer than other khukuris which helps keep its chopping power and increases its tip velocity.

Sirupates are the most varied of all khukuri blades, with sizes ranging from less than 14 inches to over 21 inches. The smaller models are great for bushcraft and camping, able to cut through brush and chop wood while still being lightweight and easy to carve with. Moving up to 18 inches, the Sirupate Khukuri gains momentum and can now handle tougher machete work. The biggest sirupates, over 21 inches long, necessitate a longer handle for improved control, thereby making them an excellent bush sword that can cut through thick vegetation and chop through three-inch branches with the correct technique.

The Nepali SiruPate Khukuri is a basic, slim, and lightweight version with a classic look, yet it is very efficient and appealing. Its light weight and balanced structure makes it stand out from the rest. It is suitable for common household purposes and outdoor activities. This kukri is quite popular in Nepal and is in constant demand in the local market. Those who travel light and appreciate lightweight kukris should highly consider this one. It is an ideal gift to take back home from Nepal as a memento of the nation.

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Last Updated on January 28, 2023