What is the Quantum Flipper from Shirogorov?

Shirogorov Quantum

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The Quantum from Shirogorov knives is classy, boasting an impressive build quality. The flipping action is amazing and it is due to a detent that is perfect and a bearing system that is smooth.

In 2019, the classic Shirogorov Quantum model was launched, followed by Quantum Gen 2 in 2021. Now, Shirogorov Knives are offering a more cost-effective version of one of their premier and instantly recognizable folders.

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The Shirogorov Quantum knife is designed to be a workhorse. When compared to Quantum Gen 1, the blade has been thinned out to 0.134″ in thickness and does not have a fuller, making it more functional and easier to maintain. The subtle upward curve of the blade shifts into an extremely ergonomic handle with black G10 inserts. Additionally, the Quantum Ursus NL features a Cromax PM stainless blade, a lockbar insert, a sculpted and milled pocket clip, and a lanyard hole on the presentation scale.

The blade of the Shirogorov Quantum has a slight upward curvature which is followed by finger grooves and a ramp for the thumb which provides a comfy grip. The lockbar has an insert that can be swapped out and it is jimped for extra grip while unlocking the blade. Finally, it has an incorporated lanyard hole in the backspacer along with a nice pocket clip. These extras are what you get when you purchase a Shirogorov knife.

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