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What is the Hati Gen 3 Flipper EDC Knife from Shirogorov?

Shirogorov Hati Gen 3

Shirogorov Hati Gen 3 – SEE PRICES

Shirogorov delighted its fans by introducing the long-awaited Hati model after a brief pause. The Shirogorov Hati Gen 3 features slight alterations and is the first serial production Shirogorov folder with a stronger pivot. Even though the Shirogorov Hati Generation 3 appears similar to its previous iterations, the specifications remain the same with a 3.74-inch drop point blade. This size is suitable for everyday carry and slicing performance, and the M390 blade stock has been decreased from 4mm to 3.5mm. The post by Tom further explains that the 3.5mm (0.14in) blade thickness has been increasingly included in the overall production, and the Hati Gen. 3 is no outlier.

This Hati Gen 3 Flipper by Shirogorov is an extraordinary item for your collection. It is so great that whatever you are holding in your pocket will be replaced by this one. Its action is more rapid and smoother than any other knife in our building. It has a 3.875″ drop point blade made of Bohler M390 stainless steel with a flat grind. The handle is made of stonewashed titanium for the locking side, and marble carbon fibre for the handle scale. It consists of a multi-row bearing system, giving it a distinctive look, flipping action, and a light feel that is not present in the Model 95. Its pocket clip is also milled titanium and its design is much copied since it looks incredible and performs well. If you have been looking to add a Shirogorov Hati to your collection, then this is it!

Shirogorov Hati Gen 3 For Sale eBay Today 10th June 2024

Right Now on eBay Shirogorov Hati Gen 3 For Sale
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Shirogorov Hati Gen 3. Runs on MRBS (Multi Row Bearing System). 3.75" stonewashed M390 blade with 4.00" cutting edge. Milled pockets on inside of Titanium handle scale for weight reduction. Weighs 3.8 ounces.
Awesome Shirogorov Hati Gen 3 in black technocarbon and titanium. Comes with box, cloth, and makers card. Carried and flipped open a couple times, was not used to cut. Knife still looks new. US 48 buyers/shipping only. Buyers 18 and up only. No returns or exchanges. Thanks for looking!
This Hati gen 3 is stunning with white technocarbon and titanium. It has perfect Shiro fit and finish, and the flipping action is smooth as silk. SHIROGOROV Hati gen 3. Runs on MRBS (Multi Row Bearing System).
For sale is a ShirogorovHATI Gen 3 Carbon Fiber show side and inlay on lock side. Key Specifications: Overall length: 8.75”, blade length: 3.80” M390, Weight: 3.85 oz (so light). Incredibly smooth and crisp action.


Shirogorov Hati Gen 3 For Sale

Last Updated on January 27, 2023