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What is a Scagel Style Knife?

William Wales Scagel’s Scagel Style Knives are regarded as the ultimate prize by knife collectors. Scagel initiated the craft of crafting handmade knives in the beginning of the 20th century and is recognized as the founding father of the practice. His legendary status inspired guys like Bo Randall and R.W. Loveless to begin producing their own Scagel Style Knives.

What is a Scagel Style Knife

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William (Bill) Wales Scagel (1873-1963) is widely regarded as the premier innovator of custom knife-making in the twentieth century. Beginning his craft in 1910 while working at lumber companies in Michigan and Canada, Scagel sold his Scagel Style Knives through Abercrombie & Fitch and their affiliates such as Von Lengerke & Antoine from 1920 till 1929. He made knives of all kinds, including bowie knives, combat knives and pocketknives, and even machetes and axes for the Smithsonian Institution’s explorations. His signature style was a combination of half stag and half leather stacked washer in the handle of his knives. This style of knife was the inspiration for Bo Randall to start designing his own. In 1937, Randall saw someone using a Scagel knife for scraping paint off a boat without even dulling the blade. This convinced Randall to buy the knife, and in the years that followed Scagel became a mentor to him.

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