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What is a UCAP Tactical Knife by RMJ?

RMJ UCAP Tactical Knife

RMJ UCAP Tactical Knife – SEE PRICES

The RMJ UCAP knife, which is a medium-sized fixed blade knife, is a great choice for everyday carry and all sorts of other uses. It was built with an emphasis on self-defence, but can also be employed for many cutting tasks, ranging from first responder roles to outdoor activities or whatever else you need it for. The handle has been made a bit smaller to make it easier to conceal, yet the blade is still large enough to be effective.

The RMJ UCAP is a conveniently sized fixed blade specifically designed for regular use. The handle scales, which were made using a CNC milling machine, are arranged diagonally, creating a nice look as well as providing a good grip. The blade has a Bowie-style shape, which has been used for centuries to ensure its effectiveness for both tactical and practical purposes.

The RMJ UCAP has a bowie style clip point blade crafted from CPM-S45VN stainless steel with a Rockwell hardness rating between 59-60. The knife features a 4″ blade with a Tungsten Cerakote finish to offer corrosion resistance and durability. Despite being lightweight at only 5.2 oz, the RMJ UCAP is suitable for everyday use and as a dependable tactical-style knife. The handle is also a highlight, offering a comfortable grip and a solid feel in the hand.

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Last Updated on January 28, 2023