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What is the Shrike Tomahawk from RMJ?

The RMJ Shrike tomahawk is one of RMJ’s products. As all of RMJ’s tomahawks, the Shrike is an ideal implement for outdoor activities like hiking and camping, as well as a reliable emergency breach and retrieval tool. It can cut through electrical cables if need be, break into an electric car, or be used near live wires. This product reflects the vision of RMJ of having a single tool that can accomplish many tasks. The RMJ Shrike is rare, and is not very often on the market.

The RMJ Shrike tomahawk as many of RMJ Tomahawks do, features a 3″ edge which is extremely sharp, and a 3″ distal tapered spike which can be used in a variety of situations. This versatile tool can be used to break tempered glass, hack through concrete, penetrate sheet metal and wood, and even crack chains and hardened padlocks. RMJ has created a tool which is meant to ensure that you are prepared for any situation you may encounter while in the field, whether it be a serious emergency or simply a stunning sunset to take in.

What makes the RMJ Shrike different from other tools is the insulated rubber-coated handle. This design offers a firm grip and also helps reduce vibration. It has been tested to provide protection from electrical shocks up to 2,000 volts. If the tool is being used to cut through a wall and gets in contact with a live wire, it provides a reasonable level of safety. The bottom of the grip has a cap that can be unscrewed to access a small storage compartment. We offer a sharpening file that fits the cap, which can be found HERE. The ax has a Tungsten Cerakote finish for corrosion and wear resistance and has a low profile look. It comes with a molded bottom-eject kydex sheath and low-ride M.O.C. straps.


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Last Updated on January 10, 2023