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What is the Raider Dagger from JMJ Knives?

The RMJ Raider Dagger is a knife design influenced by time and tradition, with classic dagger lines and overbuilt toughness that RMJ designs into all of its products. It is a modern-day take on the World War II Raider Dagger, designed for Marines Special Operations Command, and adjusted steel, design, and carry system for the modern-day battle space. This knife was primarily built for the Special Forces community, and the civilian version of it is available for purchase.

The Raider Dagger has an overall length of 10 inches, featuring a 5.25 inch long blade made from CPM-3V steel [1]. The knife’s blade is double-edged and measures 5.375 inches in length, with an overall length of 9.875 inches. The knife comes with a leather sheath for carrying [2] and a hybrid sheath.

Overall, the RMJ Raider Dagger is a high-quality knife that was designed for use by Special Forces, but is available for purchase by civilians as well. Its classic dagger lines and overbuilt toughness make it a reliable tool for not so nice places.






Last Updated on March 18, 2023