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What is a Custom Pena Knife?

Enrique Pena is a well-know custom knife maker from Texas. He creates the top of the line Pena Custom Folding Knives that are both modern and traditional. Enrique Pena takes great pride in his workmanship and there is no doubt that the Pena Custom knives are some of the best folding knives on the market. Knife enthusiasts favour the Pena knives for their excellent fit and finishes. And they look just awesome.

Although they are almost impossible to buy from Pena himself, the after market shows a few Pena knives for sale. The Pena Custom Knives X series is the most popular, although we have seen a few Pena Custom Knife Dogleg Front Flippers and the Pena Knives Micro Apache Front Flippers on the market. Enrique Pena continues to produce some of the worlds highest quality pocket knives.

Pena Custom Knives For Sale



Last Updated on October 29, 2022