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What is a Nesmuk Exklusiv Chef’s Knife?

Nesmuk Exklusiv offers a range of high-quality knives crafted from hand-forged Damascus steel. The collection includes the EXKLUSIV C90 series, featuring knives with blades consisting of multiple layers of Damascus steel.


Nesmuk Exclusive: The Pinnacle of Smithing Craftsmanship

Nesmuk is known for its impeccable craftsmanship, creating blades that provide the highest possible sharpness. They rely on steel grades and precious materials that have never been used in the cutlery industry before. Their knives reflect an aesthetic appeal and logical shape inspired by a 3,500-year-old knife type.

Bestseller No. 1
Nesmuk Exklusiv C150 Slicer | Juma Black
  • Nesmuk Exklusiv C150 Slicer | Juma Black
  • PASSION FOR CRAFTSMANSHIP: 201 layers of damascus steel, 160mm, 64-65 HRC, 1 masterpiece: More than fourty steps are neccessary to make a Nesmuk EXKLUSIVE C150 slicer - a knife, only possible from the hands of a master smith.
  • More than four dozen steps are necessary for the manufacturing of one Nesmuk EXKLUSIV C150 chef's knife - the masterpiece of the manufacture. Forged from 401 layers, the 180mm long, faceted blade with hollow grind on both sides reduces adhesion of cut material and makes the knife the all-rounder in every kitchen.
  • CRAFTSMANSHIP IN COMPLETION: High concentration, for hours or even days, is necessary for working out the cutting layer of carbon steel, visible in black below the wild damascus steel - a crafting feat, only mastered by few smiths around the world.
  • Blade: 180 mm, hand-forged Damascus steel with cutting layer cutting layer, 401 layers, 64 - 65 HRC, both-sided hollow grind, NPC coating. | Clamp: Polished stainless steel.
Bestseller No. 2
Nesmuk Exklusiv C150 Chef's Knife - Eucalyptus Burl
  • Nesmuk Exklusiv C150 Chef's Knife - Eucalyptus Burl
  • Polished edge for finest cutting | Stainless steel, fine lacquer bezel | Polished by hand, without gaps or edges.

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Nesmuk EXKLUSIV: An Overview

The EXKLUSIV series includes all knives with traditional hand-forged blades made of Damascus steel. The coating technology, Nesmuk Protective Coating (NPC), was developed exclusively for Nesmuk. It protects the blade against corrosion and preserves the damask pattern.

Blade Composition

The blades of the EXKLUSIV series are made of Damascus steel. The chef’s knife blade consists of up to 230 layers with a hardness of 62 HRC. The Damascus layers are made of special alloys that are flexible and create a brilliant, contrasting pattern.

C90 Series

The C90 series is the entry point into the Nesmuk EXKLUSIV world. The blades are made of high-performance tool steels with a high carbon content. This results in exceptional material properties, extreme sharpness, and outstanding service life.

C100 Series

The C100 series uses the same high-performance tool steels as the C90 series. However, the starting steels used for the Damascus steel are different.

C150 Series

The Damascus steel of the C150 series has a different structure from the other EXKLUSIV series. The blades of this series are ground entirely by hand to perfectly carve out the cutting layer.

Handle Variants

Nesmuk uses only the best pieces of exquisite quality for the wooden handles. Each handle is unique due to its individual grain, color shades, and inclusions. They also offer two high-tech plastics, Juma and Micarta.

Janus Series

The Janus series is characterized by its black blade, made of a high-performance steel with niobium content. It is refined using a high-quality diamond-like carbon (DLC) coating that optimizes the functional properties of the blade.

Soul Series

The Soul series provides extreme sharpness and excellent edge retention thanks to the niobium contained in the unique steel alloy. This level of sharpness cannot be achieved with ordinary stainless steel grades.

Handmade Perfection

More than four dozen steps are necessary to make a Nesmuk EXKLUSIV knife. From fire welding and forging, hardening, tempering, and grinding the hollow grind to assembling the handle, each step reflects the exceptional sharpness of the knife.

Nesmuk’s Respect for Food

Nesmuk believes in respecting food and the craftsmanship involved in preparing it. They aim to give food the respect it deserves through their high craftsmanship, quality, and sharpness of knives.

Caring for Your Nesmuk Knife

Nesmuk EXKLUSIV knives are finished with the exclusive NPC coating (Nesmuk Protective Coating). This silicon coating, only a few micrometers thick, is applied using microwave-generated plasmas and permanently preserves the blade.

Nesmuk’s Commitment to Sustainability

Nesmuk is aware of what ecologically sustainable and ethically correct agriculture and the food industry look like. They strive to contribute to this direction by showing examples of sufficiency-based farming and the respectful treatment of plants and animals.


Nesmuk knives are tools that show respect for the cutting material, allowing a clean and effortless cut. They combine man and knife in a unique way that conveys an archaic feeling. With their exceptional sharpness and superior materials, Nesmuk knives are a testament to the pinnacle of smithing craftsmanship.


Last Updated on August 29, 2023