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About the Goccia Flipper from MGM Knives

The Goccia knife from MKM Maniago is a high-quality folding knife designed by Jens Anso and made in Italy.



MKM Goccia Facts

The MKM Goccia features a Bohler M390 blade, known for its excellent edge retention and corrosion resistance, and a 3D machined titanium handle. The Goccia knife comes in different finishes, such as stonewashed blade and dark stonewashed handle.

In addition to the titanium handle, the Goccia knife is also available with various handle materials, including G10, Micarta, and Carbon Fiber. These knives are designed for everyday carry.

MKM Maniago is an Italian knife manufacturer located in Maniago, Italy, a city with a long tradition of cutlery craftsmanship. They produce a wide range of knives, including kitchen cutlery, special steel knives, and other related product

Goccia is a term that translates to “DROP” in Italian. It features a drop point blade style and a 3D machined concentric ellipses pattern on the handle, which evokes the shapes and movements of liquid energy, specifically water origin and propagation, which represents the driving force of their manufacturing tradition.

There are a few variations of the Goccia available with different features. One model comes with a Bohler M390 satin finish blade and a black G10 handle. Another model, designed by Jens Anso, is a flipper with a Damasteel rose blade and a polished titanium handle with a Damasteel Rose milled pattern, and it is a limited edition. It has a bronze anodized titanium bent clip, a bronze anodized titanium solid spacer, and a stainless steel ring on the pivot screw.

The Goccia flipper also has a liner lock blade lock type and features a clip and spacer in blue anodized titanium, as well as stainless steel screws and a blue anodized titanium ring on the pivot screw. It comes with a cordura sheath with a zip fastener and belt loop.


MKM Goccia Review

The MKM Goccia is a popular EDC (Everyday Carry) pocket knife that has received positive reviews. In a full review of the MKM Goccia on YouTube, the reviewer provides an in-depth look at the knife and discusses its features. Another reviewer describes the MKM Goccia as their pick for the new knife of the year.

Elsewhere, MKM Goccia Flipper EDC Pocket Knife has received helpful customer reviews and ratings. The knife features a M390 super steel drop point blade, and is available with G10, Micarta, Carbon Fibre, or Titanium handles. It is designed by Jens Anso and made in Italy.

Users have found the product to be of high quality, and have provided honest and unbiased feedback about their experiences with the knife.

In summary, the MKM Goccia knife has received positive reviews from customers, with many praising its design, build quality, and functionality as an EDC pocket knife.


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Last Updated on March 28, 2023