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Miyabi 8Miyabi 8″ Birchwood Chefs/Gyutoh Knife

The Birchwood Collection combines the greatest hardening technology, most precious knife materials, and the artistry of traditional craftsmanship.

A traditional D-shape handle and blade design provides genuine Japanese silhouettes and perfect balance to every knife. Forged 101 layer construction with an ultra-hard MC63 Micro-Carbide powdered steel core protected by 100 alternating layers of stainless steel ground to expose a beautiful flower Damascus pattern and wavy katana edge.

The Karelian (Masur) Birch handle features a unique mosaic pin, red spacer accents, and a decorative end-cap with logo.

Grace, elegance & sophistication are characteristics embodied throughout Japanese culture, now synonymous with the brand MIYABI. Developed with the aid of IRON CHEF Rokusaburo Michiba, these authentic blade designs exemplify the traditions & craftsmanship of Japanese sword makers.

Each series delivers the sharpness required to unveil foods delicate textures with precision & splendor.


Last Updated on September 20, 2022