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What is the Microtech ADO or A.D.O Knife?

ADO stands for Alpha Detachment Operative or A.D.O. The Microtech ADO knife is a fixed blade and was designed by Tony Marfione.


About the Microtech A.D.O Fixed Blade Knife

Tony Marfione designed it to be the ideal, carry every day large boot knife. The A.D.O knife is hand-crafted from a solid sheet of top quality stainless steel. Following Chris Reeve’s fixed blade strategy, the ADO knife has a hollow handle. You can access the space by unscrewing the glass, o-ring sealed tip. The tip also protects the space from getting wet. All Microtech A.D.O knives come with a perfectly moulded sheath.There are many versions of the ADO knife, and they are very hard to find. The A.D.O knife has a dual-edged blade and features a cool, black-tactical finish. One edge is a plain knife edge, the other is a full serration edge.


Microtech ADO reviews

The Microtech A.D.O. (Alpha Detachment Operative) knife is a notable fixed blade option that has received attention for its design and features.

It comes in two variations: one with a black finish and another with a green finish, both featuring a double-edge dagger blade. The black version is designed with a plain edge, while the green version includes a partially serrated edge. Both models are crafted from a solid billet of stainless steel, with a blade length of 4.5 inches and an overall length of 9 inches. The handle showcases a waffle-style texture, enhancing grip, and the knife is equipped with a glass breaker tip that unscrews to access a hollow handle, which is a nod to the design of Chris Reeve fixed blades.

These knives are designed with tactical use in mind, evident in their robust construction and the inclusion of a durable polymer sheath with a spring-loaded tab for secure knife retention and a 2-inch steel clip for belt carry. The design, materials, and features like the glass breaker tip make the A.D.O. well-suited for tactical applications, combining functionality with Microtech’s well-known attention to detail and quality.


Do Microtech knives like the A.D.O hold their value?

Microtech knives, including the A.D.O model, are renowned for their outstanding quality, durability, and thoughtful design. They are crafted to extremely high tolerances using the highest quality materials, making them some of the most reliable knives on the market. These characteristics not only contribute to their functionality and longevity but also to their ability to maintain value over time.

Microtech knives are highly regarded in the knife community, often compared to other high-end brands for their exceptional craftsmanship and utility value. Their attention to detail and quality control ensures that each knife is impeccable, from the blade’s grind to the handle’s finish. This level of quality, combined with the brand’s reputation and the demand among collectors and users, often results in these knives holding their value well.

Microtech’s reputation for producing knives that are used by military, law enforcement, and security personnel around the world speaks volumes about their reliability and performance under demanding conditions. The use of high-quality stainless steel and heat treatment processes makes these knives incredibly strong and resistant to wear, further enhancing their longevity and potential to retain value.

When considering the purchase of a Microtech knife like the A.D.O, it’s not just about acquiring a tool or a piece for a collection; it’s about investing in a piece of craftsmanship that stands the test of time both in functionality and value​​.



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Microtech A.D.O Knife

Last Updated on February 9, 2024