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What is the Microtech ADO or A.D.O Knife?

ADO stands for Alpha Detachment Operative or A.D.O. The Microtech ADO knife is a fixed blade and was designed by Tony Marfione. He designed it to be the ideal, carry every day large boot knife. The A.D.O knife is hand-crafted from a solid sheet of top quality stainless steel. Following Chris Reeve’s fixed blade strategy, the ADO knife has a hollow handle. You can access the space by unscrewing the glass, o-ring sealed tip. The tip also protects the space from getting wet. All Microtech A.D.O knives come with a perfectly moulded sheath.There are many versions of the ADO knife, and they are very hard to find. The A.D.O knife has a dual-edged blade and features a cool, black-tactical finish. One edge is a plain knife edge, the other is a full serration edge.


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Microtech A.D.O Knife

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