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What is a Marfione Custom Knife?

Tony Marfione and his son Sean Marfione own and operate Marfione Custom Knives. They make high-end, top quality custom knives. Each knife is painstakingly hand crafted and finished. There are few of these superior knives available. They are truly the dream of any custom knife collector. The Marfione Custom Knives offers the quality of Microtech knives, and are highly customized with refinement designed and applied by the Marfione father and son team. These custom knives are highly sought after and are rare in the after market.  This is due to their unique features and extremely limited quantities.

The Marfione Customs offer exceptional quality and the highest level of materials. The design influence and finishing is performed by Tony himself to offer you a top quality, custom knife backed by a name that is synonymous with top of the line knives.

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Last Updated on September 14, 2022