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What is a Marfione Custom Interceptor?

The Marfione Interceptor knife is one of a kind and is truly a marvel of knife making. It is a superior survival knife that carry extra gear. All Marfione knives are hand made by a Marfione family member. We are talking about excellence here in the knife making world. Marfione knives only use very high end materials. Such as copper, Damascus and brass. The custom knife blades are high polish mirror finish and are all hand-rubbed.

The Custom Interceptor knife by Marfione has a blade that is mirror polished. The blade had satin flats and bead blasted cutouts. Marfione Interceptor comes with a custom black leather sheath. The Marfione Custom Interceptor is extremely rare and desirable as a collector item. If you see one for sale here – you are in luck.


Marfione Custom Interceptor For Sale

Last Updated on October 29, 2022