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What is the M7 Fixed Blade Knife from Lionsteel?

The LionSteel M7 knife is a high-quality, larger-sized outdoor knife made in Italy. The M7 knife is available in Canada.


About the LionSteel M7 Fixed Blade Knife

The LionSteel M7 knife – available and legal in Canada –  is a high-quality, larger-sized outdoor knife made in Italy. It is designed with the latest technology in steel and milling to make it an excellent all-purpose knife for outdoor enthusiasts. The knife incorporates high-quality materials and top-notch design, which is typical of lionsteel’s exceptional tools.

The LionSteel M7 fixed blade knife is a multi-purpose field knife designed by Molletta. It features a large drop point blade shape and an ergonomic handle, which are considered trademarks of the designer. The M7 has a 1.75″ wide Sleipner steel blade with full-tang construction, providing strength and durability.

The technical specifications of the LionSteel M7 are as follows:

  • Total length: 315 mm (12.40 inches)
  • Blade length: 180 mm (7.09 inches)
  • Blade thickness: 5.5 mm (0.22 inches)
  • Total weight: 407 grams (14.36 ounces)
  • Blade steel: Sleipner steel
  • Blade finish: Satin finished
  • Handle material: Micarta
  • Handle color: Black
  • Sheath: Cordura + Kydex, with MOLLE System

The LionSteel M7is available in Canada with different handle colours such as black and tan micarta. Overall, the LionSteel M7 Canada is a versatile and durable fixed blade knife suitable for various field tasks.

The Lionsteel M7 is a large knife that is designed for chopping and possibly felling small trees. It features slip resistance, a comfortable grip, and few hot spots.

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In terms of its performance, the M7 seems to be a capable tool for outdoor activities such as batoning and chopping. One user noted that it performs well as a big wedge and is good for felling small trees with a diameter of no greater than 4 inches.

Overall, if you are considering purchasing the Lionsteel M7 in Canada, it is important to consider its pros and cons carefully. While it has many positive attributes such as slip resistance and a comfortable grip.

If you are looking for a knife that is well-suited for chopping and other outdoor activities, the LionSteel M7 may be a good option to consider in Canada.





Last Updated on April 11, 2023