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What is the KXPD3 Tactical Parabolic Microphone?

The KXPD3 Tactical Parabolic Microphone is part of a product line made with great attention to detail! They have been designed using 35 years of knowledge gained from audio engineering in the field and are made to withstand heavy use. They offer outstanding performance, portability, robustness, versatility and sound quality.

The KXPD3 Tactical Parabolic Microphone has a frame made of tempered aluminum, a handle made of carbon plastic, and a bi-material, polycarbonate/aluminum reflector that does not distort sound, and captures crisp high range and boosts low frequency bass levels. Additionally, it has a non-magnetic metal mic stem, an aluminum retainer/shield that reduces potential electromagnetic interference, a raised device mount for adding external recorders, cameras, and wireless transmitters, and a quick tri-pod mount that can be stored in the handle for added versatility and convenience.

The KXPD3 Tactical Parabolic Microphone is constructed from state-of-the-art materials, the KXPD3 is only 1.7 lbs when fully assembled, so it is lightweight yet sturdy. The weight is distributed evenly, enabling you to hold it for a long time without feeling tired. We chose top-notch components from Saramonic, like the microphone/amplifier/2-channel mixer, screw-lock cables, and Bestshoot fuzzy windscreen.

The amp/mixer unit permits two distinct microphone inputs, live headphone monitoring, adjustable gain, and record line out. The audio quality is at a studio/cinema standard, with a frequency range that surpasses the full range of human hearing, from 20 Hz to 20 kHz. When combined with the KXPD3, the ultimate outcome is far superior to any other parabolic microphone available, offering clear and precise sound. Bass levels have always been an issue for parabolic dish operators, but the KXPD2 captures bass as deeply and authentically as in reality.

KXPD3 Tactical Parabolic Microphone For Sale – Bionic Ear – Long Range Listening Device

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Basically allowing the sound itself to be our lead engineer with the KXPD3 being it’s final result. Think about that. Take note that we don’t put mounts anywhere around the dish. Our center plate sandwich design promotes sympathetic resonance while eliminating unwanted harmonic distortion.
#1 in Audio Quality, Range, Durability, Weight, Price

The KXPD3 is designed with the most robust materials available. ABS, acrylic and carbon rods are often used in other parabolic units, but these can be brittle and break in chilly conditions. We chose materials that could withstand regular use and transportation. This product is made from tempered aluminum for the mainframe, retainer, and handle, as well as a poly-carbonate reflector and carbon plastic handle. This guarantees that the main unit will be able to survive a 15 ft drop onto concrete and continue to function.

Last Updated on January 3, 2024