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Are Kopala Knives good?

YES. KOPALA is a brand that offers a range of kitchen knives, including cleavers, boning knives, and chef knives.


Kopala Knives Details

KOPALA Razor Sharp Serbian Cleaver – Handforged Carbon Steel Chef Knife with Leather Sheath
This knife is a Serbian cleaver or Serbian chef’s knife. It is well-made, has a great fit and finish, and comes with a razor-sharp convex edge. It is designed for chopping meat and other kitchen tasks.

KOPALA Original Kitchen Knife – Cleaver/Boning Knives Forged Multipurpose
This knife is a multipurpose cooking knife, suitable for cutting thicker meat, cleaning and trimming steak, and separating pieces at the joint. However, there is a negative review stating that the blade chipped off easily and the knife may not be suitable for cutting chicken or fish bones.

KOPALA Boning Knife
This boning knife features a comfortable handle and a super sharp blade. The blade is thick and heavy, similar to a cleaver, and has no flex. It is made of very hard steel and can handle tasks like chopping through beef ribs.

Serbian Chef Knife – (Almazan Kitchen Knife)
The Serbian chef knife, also known as the Almazan kitchen knife, is a popular hand-forged chef knife used by professional chefs worldwide. It is made of carbon material, which keeps the edge sharp and strong. These knives are known for their durability and ability to withstand sharpening without breaking or getting misshaped.

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Kopala Knives Reviews

Here is a summary of the reviews for KOPALA knives:


  • KOPALA Boning Knife: This boning knife received a positive review stating that the handle is comfortable to hold, the blade is super sharp, and the steel is very hard. The reviewer mentioned that the knife can be used for hours without wrist fatigue and praised its manoeuvrability.
  • KOPALA Chef Knife Hand-forged Kitchen Cleaver: There are multiple reviews for this knife, with varying ratings. Positive reviews mention the sharpness of the knife and its suitability for grilling and cooking needs. However, there is one critical review that mentions the sheath being of low quality.
  • KOPALA Razor Sharp Serbian Cleaver Hand forged Carbon Steel Chef Knife: This Serbian cleaver received a positive review commending its fit and finish, the quality of the sheath, and its razor-sharp convex edge. The reviewer mentioned that it chops meat as expected and performs well.
  • KOPALA Quality Boning Knife: Another boning knife from KOPALA received positive reviews for its comfortable handle, super sharp blade, and suitability for different cutting tasks. The thickness of the blade was mentioned as something that takes getting used to.


Kopala Knives Reviews

Why buy a Kopala knife? There are several factors to consider:


Quality and Durability: Kopala knives are praised for their quality craftsmanship and durability. They are hand-forged using high solid carbon and manganese steel, which ensures sharpness and strength.

Sharpness and Edge Retention: Kopala knives are known for their sharpness and ability to maintain their edge for a long time. The carbon material used in their construction keeps the edge thread sharp and strong.

Comfortable Handle: Many reviewers have mentioned the comfortable handles of Kopala knives, which allow for extended use without wrist fatigue. The handles are ergonomically designed for a comfortable grip.

Versatility: Kopala knives are suitable for various tasks in the kitchen, including chopping vegetables, meat, and even bones. They are multipurpose and can be used as chef knives or cleavers.

Unique Design: Kopala knives, particularly Serbian chef knives, have a distinctive look that appeals to both professional chefs and cooking enthusiasts. Their unique design and shape add an element of excitement to the chopping experience.

Positive Customer Reviews: Many customers who have purchased and used Kopala knives have provided positive reviews, highlighting their satisfaction with the sharpness, craftsmanship, and overall performance of the knives.


Based on these reviews, KOPALA knives generally receive positive feedback regarding their sharpness, durability, and performance.


Last Updated on June 15, 2023