What is the Arius Folder from Koenig Knives?

Koenig Arius

The Koenig Arius is a high-quality, modern and smooth titanium frame lock flipper. Manufactured with excellent parts and exact machining, the Arius is made in the USA.

The Koenig Arius folder is an American-made knife of premium quality, characterized by immaculate construction. Its blade has been carefully buffed and rounded with no sharp corners or edges apart from the cutting edge. The handle, composed of milled titanium, is precisely contoured and finished to perfection. All components of the knife are fitted together with precision akin to that seen in German automobile manufacturing. This 5-ounce knife feels solid in the hand and projects a sense of luxury.

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The Koenig Arius‘ M390 drop point blade is considered the gold standard when it comes to stainless steel options these days. The 3.5″ blade is a sight to behold! It’s hard to do it justice with words, but we’ll try. The primary grind has a beautiful satin finish that doesn’t show any machine grinding lines. The saber portion of the blade has a lighter, machine ground stonewash look that makes for a nice contrast. There is no jimping on the spine, making it look and feel smooth. There is also a swedge that begins after the thumb ramp and continues out to the tip, adding to the beauty of the blade.

The back of the handle on the Koenig Arius blade features a flipper with a small amount of jimping to give the index finger something to grip onto when deploying it. It worked really well in my experience, and I never experienced any missed deployments. Titanium frame lock flipper knives typically aim for a very smooth deployment and the Arius is no exception. The detent is set perfectly to my preferences to guarantee a secure opening, allowing for a reliable lockup each time. It uses bearings for the pivot system, granting a frictionless feel to the deployment, which is almost as smooth as the Grimsmo Norseman.

The locking system on the Koenig Arius is extremely strong. Under no circumstances can the blade be maneuvered in any direction while the lock arm is engaged. The sleek, minimalistic design makes use of an internal pin to secure the blade in the open position. The steel lock bar insert ensures that the blade tang is locked into place at around the 15% mark.

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