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What is the Minitherium Folding Knife from Kizer Knives?

The Kizer Megatherium is a folding Santoku knife designed for outdoor cooking, featuring Isham’s “edge below tab” flipper system.



About the Kizer Minitherium

The Kizer Minitherium is a folding knife designed by Elijah Isham. This compact version of Isham’s Megatherium design features a modified wharncliffe blade made from CPM-S35VN steel and a handle crafted from carbon fiber. According to a review, the knife has received positive feedback for its unique design and useful materials.

The Kizer Minitherium’s broad blade is ideal for slicing tasks that need a strong, steady motion, while the pseudo-choil allows for a precise grip for delicate tasks. When the knife is opened, the flipper is concealed, allowing for unobstructed use of the blade. The Kizer Minitherium has an overall length of 8.625 inches. Its blade length is 3.625 inches and thickness is 0.16 inches. The handle is 5.00 inches long and made from carbon fiber and titanium. The knife weighs 5.43 ounces and has a tip-up pocket clip.

At first glance, the Minitherium‘s blade and handle appear to be designed by two separate groups as they look unrelated. The blade is broad and rounded, while the handle has sharp curves and peaks. The blade has a modified wharncliffe shape with a curved sharpened edge and a long rounded plunge to the tip. The spine has a false swedge that transitions into a concave thumb ramp on the top.

Kizer Minitherium Review

One reviewer noted that the knife left a positive impression with its design and materials, and that it was both unique and useful. Another reviewer received the Minitherium alongside the Kizer Theta for reviews and found it to be a great little knife. Yet another reviewer praised the Minitherium as a “great little knife”.

Overall, the Kizer Minitherium appears to have impressed reviewers with its design, materials, and usefulness as an EDC folder.

The Kizer Minitherium folding knife is a unique and practical option for those in need of a compact and reliable blade. Its materials and design have received positive feedback from reviewers and it offers a sleek and sturdy option for everyday use.


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Last Updated on March 25, 2023