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What is the Kirby Lambert Hawkbill Knife?

Kirby Lambert Hawkbill Folder KnifeKirby Lambert is a well known and respected custom knife maker. He believes that to make a superior knife, such as the Kirby Lambert Hawkbill, superior material must be used. No exceptions. Kirby uses high-grade Damasteel and the highest grade CPM steel available. Titanium is the chosen material for his folding knives liners. This makes for an extremely robust EDC knife that can handle any cutting task that might come up. Other Kirby Lambert knives are the Incinerator, Crossroads and the Mini Inferno.

All of Kirby’s knives will have his unique Lambert spider emblem engraved on them. Kirby Lambert is a Canadian knife maker. He specializes in designing and manufacturing custom folder knives with solid features of Tactical and Urban EDC knives. His custom folding knives will more than likely have the very popular ceramic bearing system IKBS which is very resistant to dusting and especially lateral loads.

Kirby Lambert Hawkbill Knives For Sale


Kirby’s EDC folding knife Augustus is one of the most popular folders.




Kirby Lambert Hawkbill Knives for Sale | Kirby Lambert Incinerator

Kirby Lambert Crossroads | Kirby Lambert Mini Inferno.

Last Updated on December 6, 2022