What is a Kindjal Dagger?

Kindjal Dagger

The Kindjal Dagger is characterized by two deep cuts in its metal blade. The handle and sheath have been adorned in niello, a black material consisting of silver, copper, lead and sulphur, which stands out against the silver background. In the Caucasus region, these daggers were a mandatory part of the Caucasian men’s accessory and were used for multiple purposes from being a weapon to being a tool for opening cork bottles or cutting papers.

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In the nineteenth century, Caucasian males wearing traditional costumes were often seen with these Kindjal Daggers attached to their belts placed in a diagonal position.


What is a Russian Kindjal Dagger?

russian kindjal dagger

The Russian Kindjal Dagger was a military-style blade that was used by the Russian military up until the mid-20th century. This curved double-edged weapon was ideal for close combat and it was first produced in the Georgian Republic of Russia. It was particularly popular among the Cossacks. Its 17 1/4″ long steel billet blade is 1 3/8″ wide and it has a full slab tang with wooden scales. This makes the Kindjal Russian Daggers a total of two feet in length and, weighing in at 1 lb. 6 oz, it is a lightweight and effective weapon.

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The Russian Kindjal, which was a curved, double-edged blade and was used as a close combat weapon, was widely used in the Russian armed forces until the middle of the twentieth century. It had its roots in the Georgian Republic of Russia, but was more popularly known as a Cossack weapon. This military-issue version was constructed with a high carbon steel blade, a hardwood grip, and a full tang.

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Kindjal Daggers are sometimes spelled Kinjal Daggers.




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