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What is a Khanjali Dagger / Khanjali Knife?

khanjali dagger - kanjali knifeThe Khanjali dagger or knife is a double-edged blade often featuring a single, off-set groove on each side of the blade. This type of weapon has been used in Georgia and the Caucasus since ancient times, and its handle has a guard and pommel extending out of it. Its shape is similar to the Xiphos of ancient Greek and the Roman Gladius.

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These Khanjali knives, along with their sheaths, often feature intricate engravings with gold or silver and sometimes jewel inlays. The sheaths normally have a ball point end and the handles are typically crafted from materials such as wood or ivory. The 19th-century Russian writers Alexander Pushkin and Mikhail Lermontov each composed famous verses centred on this particular weapon.

A dagger known as Khanjali has a curved and sharpened steel blade with two sharp sides and a raised line in the middle. The handle consists of two wooden plates which are held in place with silver rivets, which are both flat and round. A metal border links the handle to the blade, and a golden tassel serves as the quillon.

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Last Updated on December 31, 2022