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What are the Hinderer Knives from Kershaw?

Hinderer knives from Kershaw are a series of pocketknives designed in collaboration with custom knifemaker Rick Hinderer, known for his tactical knife designs inspired by his experience as a first responder.


Prominent Hinderer knives from Kershaw include:

Kershaw Hinderer Cryo: The Cryo is a popular pocketknife known for its durability, aesthetic appeal, and comfortable grip. It was recognized as the Best Buy of the Year in 2012 by Blade Magazine and has been commended by Men’s Journal.

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Kershaw Hinderer Cryo II: A larger version of the original Cryo, the Cryo II features a bigger 3.25-inch blade and assisted opening. It caters to users who require a larger, more robust knife for demanding tasks.

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Kershaw Hinderer Ferrite: The Ferrite is another collaborative design that combines practicality with modern style, though specific details about its features are not provided in the search results .

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Why Buy a Kershaw Hinderer Knife?

Purchasing a Kershaw Hinderer knife is considered a good choice due to several factors:

  1. Expert Design: The knives are designed by Rick Hinderer, known for his experience as a first responder which influences his tactical pocketknife designs, ensuring practicality and reliability in various situations.
  2. Quality and Aesthetics: These knives are not only robust but also have an aesthetic appeal, and are crafted to feel good in the user’s hand, striking a balance between functionality and style.
  3. Awards and Recognition: The Cryo model was chosen as Blade Magazine’s Best Buy of the Year in 2012, highlighting its quality and value for money.
  4. Versatility: Hinderer knives are designed for a range of uses, making them suitable for everyday carry, tactical applications, or as a reliable tool for first responders and outdoor enthusiasts.

In summary, a Kershaw Hinderer knife combines expert design, quality craftsmanship, recognition, and versatility, making it a worthy purchase for both knife enthusiasts and professionals seeking a reliable tool.


These knives are celebrated for their sturdy construction, reliable performance, and tactical design elements, making them suitable for a variety of everyday applications and more demanding tasks.


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