What is the Foosa EDC Knife by Kansept?

Kansept has launched an affordable range of items called the Kansept Foosa, which are meant to be taken along and used on a daily basis.

The word “Kansept” is a rephrasing of the term “Concept”. The process of manufacturing knives and their structures are quite similar. Nevertheless, what makes us unique is our capacity to generate something new. Our logo’s design is inspired by spacecrafts, which symbolize our ambition to stay up-to-date and maintain our ability to integrate fresh, creative elements into our knife designs.

Rolf crafted the Kansept Foosa and the Weasel to reflect a time when knives were simple and practical tools. He chose a neutral grip and a tried and true blade style to create a reliable, ergonomic piece of equipment with amazing capabilities. The Kansept Foosa has earned its place as a top-notch pocket knife because it is a slipjoint – meaning when you open it with a flipper, the blade won’t be locked.

Kansept Foosa EDC Flippers For Sale

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