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What is a Whetstone from Kamikoto Knives?

The Kamikoto Toishi Sharpening Whetstone is specifically designed to hone and sharpen single bevel Japanese steel knives.

Kamikoto Toishi Sharpening Whetstone

Kamikoto offers a whetstone for sharpening their high-quality knives. It is crafted using methods from centuries-old traditions, staying true to Japan’s legacy of steel-making excellence.

The Kamikoto Toishi Sharpening Whetstone features two sides: one with a coarse grit to grind away any roughness and the other with a fine grit that sharpens and polishes the knife edge. To use the whetstone, it is recommended to soak it in water for around 10 minutes or until there are no more bubbles.

The Kamikoto whetstone is available in different variations, such as the Toishi Sharpening Whetstone 1000/3000. It is also included in some product bundles, like “The Complete Collection + Whetstone” which features all 16 Kamikoto Genten Series knives along with the whetstone. Another example is the Kanpeki Knife Set, which includes the whetstone and is presented in a natural-colored ash wood box for safe storage.

It is important to note that Kamikoto recommends using a Japanese whetstone for sharpening their knives and advises against using honing rods/steels or any other kind of sharpening devices. Proper cleaning and storage of Kamikoto knives are also recommended.


Why use a Kamikoto Whetstone?

A Kamikoto whetstone is specifically designed for sharpening Kamikoto knives and is recommended for maintaining their sharpness and performance. Here are some reasons why you might use a Kamikoto whetstone:

Ideal for Kamikoto Knives
Kamikoto knives have exceptionally sharp blades crafted for precision and lasting strength. Using a Kamikoto whetstone ensures that you are using the appropriate tool to maintain and sharpen the unique angled, single-beveled edge of these knives.

Lasting Blade Quality
Paired with a Kamikoto whetstone, the Honshu steel blades of Kamikoto knives can last a lifetime. The whetstone allows you to restore and enhance the sharpness of the blades, extending their longevity.

Control and Precision
Using a whetstone provides you with control over the sharpening process. With practice, you can expertly sharpen your Kamikoto knives and achieve the desired level of sharpness. The Kamikoto whetstone typically features two sides—one with a coarse grit for grinding away roughness and the other with a fine grit for sharpening and polishing the blade edge.

Proper Maintenance
Regular sharpening with a whetstone
is essential to maintain the optimal cutting performance of your Kamikoto knives. Whetstones allow you to remove dullness and restore the sharpness of the blades, ensuring a smooth cutting experience.

Recommended by Kamikoto
Kamikoto explicitly recommends using a whetstone to sharpen their knives and advises against using other types of sharpening devices, such as honing rods, steels, or electric sharpeners. Using a Kamikoto whetstone aligns with their care and maintenance instructions.

While Kamikoto whetstones are specifically designed for Kamikoto knives, it’s important to note that other whetstones can also be used to sharpen knives effectively. The choice of whetstone depends on personal preference and the type of knives you have.

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Last Updated on June 4, 2023