What is the Chuka Bocho Cleaver from Kamikoto Knives Canada?

The Kamikoto Chuka Bocho Cleaver is a type of knife offered by Kamikoto, a Japanese knife manufacturer.

It is also known as a Chinese cleaver or Chinese chef’s knife. The Chuka Bocho Cleaver is handcrafted with a 7.5-inch single bevel Ibaraki steel blade and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Chuka Bocho Cleaver: This is the standard version of the knife with a 7.5-inch blade. It features a single bevel Kata-ha blade made of Japanese Ibaraki steel.

The knife has received positive reviews for its performance and versatility in the kitchen.

The Kamikoto Chuka Bocho cleaver is a remarkable fusion of Asian cooking customs and the famed artistry of Japan. Crafted from superior-grade steel sourced from Honshu Japan – a region well-known for its robust and corrosion-resistant steel – every blade undergoes a stringent quality control system. It is carefully examined to ensure it upholds the reputation and standard of Kamikoto. The Kamikoto Chuka Bocho boasts a 7.5-inch handmade steel blade. This multifunctional blade is designed for tasks such as slicing, chopping, mincing, and crushing, and its perfect balance ensures long-lasting, comfortable usage. It also has a safe, non-slip handle. Each blade comes in an ash wood box in a natural hue, providing a secure storage solution. Immerse yourself in the millennium-old tradition of Japanese blade crafting with the Kamikoto Chuka Bocho.

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