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What is the Kwaiback Knife from Jake Hoback?

Jake’s top choice, the Jake Hoback Kwaiback is the slimmest folder in his range because of its distinct shape.



About the Jake Hoback Kwaiback Folder

Jake created the angular butt end of the knife for the purpose of making it easier to put in and take out from the pocket when clipped there. The 3.75″ blade is made with Nitro V steel and has a flat grind. Its operation is seamless and very speedy due to the pivot thrust bearings and Jake’s exclusive Hoback Roller Detent. This design incorporates a rolling ball into the detent which substantially reduces friction during the blade’s movement, thus improving performance.

Much care and attention went into creating the Jake Hoback Kwaiback, striving to make it as perfect as could be. We did not take shortcuts when designing this knife; it was crafted with hard work and dedication. It features internal lightening pockets, a hardened stainless steel lock insert, an HRD (Hoback Roller Detent), a hardened stainless pivot, and stainless pivot bearings. To understand the quality of this knife, you will have to experience it for yourself!


Jake Hoback Kwaiback reviews

The Jake Hoback Kwaiback knives, specifically the fixed blade and the MK6 models, have garnered attention for their quality and design. The fixed blade Kwaiback is crafted from M390 steel, known for its excellent corrosion resistance, hardness, and wear resistance, making it a super steel. This blade also features a unique tanto shape that offers strength, particularly for piercing tough materials, thanks to its high point and flat grind. The combination of a black Diamond Like Coating (DLC) and a stonewashed finish gives the blade a durable surface and a distinctive appearance. This model is praised for its robust construction, reflecting Jake Hoback’s commitment to producing knives that are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing​​.

The Kwaiback MK6 model, on the other hand, is a frame lock knife featuring a black DLC-finished tanto blade made from Bohler M390 super steel. This knife includes a flipper tab opener and pivot washers for smooth operation. The handle is made from natural G-10 with a DLC-coated frame, and the knife is equipped with a titanium frame lock with a hardened steel lockbar insert to prevent wear. The MK6 model stands out for its new colorways, design tweaks, and the use of the Hoback Roller Detent for smoother opening action. This model is highlighted for its strong construction and ease of assembly, maintaining the integrity of the knife​​.

The Kwaiback MK5.1 model is noted for its rugged build with a tanto blade made from stonewashed CPM 20CV steel, housed in a smooth stonewashed titanium body. It features a flipper tab with ball-bearing Samurai pivot for ease of opening and a titanium frame lock with a steel-tipped lockbar for security. This version is designed to be both a collectible and a durable everyday carry knife, embodying Jake Hoback’s philosophy of creating knives that are meant to be used and last a lifetime​​.

Overall, Jake Hoback Kwaiback knives are celebrated for their exceptional materials, craftsmanship, and functional design, making them a valuable addition to any knife enthusiast’s collection.

The Jake Hoback Kwaiback is equipped with a milled titanium handle which is slim and easy to grip. It conceals the blade when in the closed position. Jake appreciates that there are no fullers present and the interior has undergone heavy machining to reduce weight. It has both the refined machining and hand-fitting as well as a rugged look that is a signature of Hoback Knives. There is a lot of jimping on the thumb ramp and the replaceable lockbar insert. Although technically a mid-tech, it has the look and feel of a full custom knife. It is proudly hand-assembled in the USA.

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Jake Hoback Kwaiback for sale on eBay

Last Updated on February 9, 2024